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Viral hit chapter final review


Review final Viral hit chapter

Lastest chapter 218 in Viral hit chapter : When Yoo Hobin suddenly returned, he announced to the group that he didn’t know why he was alive and his friends didn’t mind much knowing about it because they were so shocked. overwhelmed by Yoo Hobin’s return. Some fans believe that with the demise of Lee Jinho and the death of Yoo Hobin, the story has come to an end and what happens next is nothing more than a long story. While we agree to an extent, it’s nice to see the story become more emotional, especially after Lee Jihno’s demise.

Summary of Viral hit chapter

Manhwa Viral hit chapter  is written and illustrated by Tae-hoon Lee, and publish in 2016. One day, Hobin accidentally met Yang Jae Sin. Jae Sin taught Hobin Viral hit , and from then on, Hobin began to participate in the world of martial arts.

The  manhwa has received many prestigious awards, including the 11th International Manhwa Award (2018) and the 12th International Manhwa Award (2019).


Main genre of this series

Action Action-oriented manhwa often feature intense fight scenes, thrilling adventures, and high-stakes conflicts. They typically focus on action-packed storytelling, martial arts, superpowers, or battles

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Does  ” Viral hit” more focuse on action genres ?

Yes , Viral hit chapter focused on action genres , which is one of top genre on Manhuazonghe

Yoo Hobin

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How frequently are new chapters of  manhwa ?

On Manhuazonghe are updating all series  daily and fast , and the anouncement of anime adaptation for this series

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When the newest chapter will released ?

30/2/2024 Manhuazonghe will release the newest chapter 219 infomation

Who are the main characters of HOW TO FIGHT manhwa series?

Yoo Hobin(유호빈, Yu Ho-bin) 


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