Top 2 Best Psychological manhua of all time

What is manhua?

Manhua is Chinese comics. Manhua is usually read from left to right and features sharp, vivid artwork with vibrant colors. Popular genres of Manhua include romance, history, martial arts, fantasy, and horror. Manhua has also been adapted into animated films and video games.

What is Psychological manhua?

Psychological manhua is a genre of Chinese comics that delves into the complex workings of the human mind, exploring themes of psychology, emotions, and the inner struggles of characters. These manhua often focus on psychological depth, character development, and the exploration of the human psyche.

Top 2 Best Psychological manhua of all time?

1. Prince Bastard’s Parenting Book

Description:  The “God of Annihilation”, Yan Xi, defeated the enemy country but brought back one of the country’s princesses. The doll-like 5-year-old Tao Xiaowei disturbs all the chickens and dogs in the palace, while the cold-blooded prince gets his first experience at raising a child. A few years after defeating the enemy country and returning home, the pair sets off destroying other adversaries and slashing love rivals, with the two only holding each other in their eyes. Genre(s): 
Adventure, Adventure, Comedy, Comedy, Drama, Drama, Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Historical, Manhua, Manhua,

2. Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Description:  The night before their wedding, her fiancee ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, “President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away…May I suggest we get married?” Before marriage, she said, “Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!” After marriage, he said, “If we don’t try, how would we know?” Genre(s): 
Comedy, Comedy, Josei, Josei, Manhua, Manhua, Psychological, Psychological, Romance, Romance

Where to read Psychological manhua for free?

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