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Unveilin: A Deep Dive into How to Fight manhwa

Summary for how to fight manhwa

in How to fight manhwa ,Scrawny high school student Hobin Yoo is probably the last guy you’d expect to star in a NewTube channel that revolves around fighting. But after following some advice from a mysterious NewTube channel, Hobin is soon knocking out guys stronger than him and raking in more money than he could have ever dreamed of. Can Hobin keep this up, or will he eventually meet his match?


How to fight


Associated Names of How to fight manhwa 

Hit viral
How to Fight
I Can Fight Better
Self Taught Fight
Борьба в прямом эфире

How to fight manhwa character

Yoo Hobin

(유호빈, Yu Ho-bin) is the main protagonist.Hobin was smaller for the average Korean male at a height of 167cm (5’6″) and weighing 49kg, but after his training with Samdak, he gains a significant amount of muscle and grows significantly to 173cm (5’8). Hobin is also shown as pale and short compared to the other characters.

Taehoon Seong

 (성태훈, Seong Taehoon) is a main supporting character  Taehoon has short, light brown hair cut into a mullet with bangs. He is pale skinned with a well built muscular body. His brown eyes are accompanied with long eyelashes and his lips are drawn with a feminine pink tint. He is very tall, with extremely long legs. His fashion style is normally a base of a white t-shirt and black pants, but he often wears a green bomber jacket on top with a skull on the back

Jinho Lee 

(이진호, Lee Jin-ho), also known as 244, is one of the main antagonists. When in his YouTube alias, 244, or by his real name, Lee Jinho (as revealed by Baek Seongjun) would don a mushroom hairstyle with the sides cropped. He would also draw temporary but intricate black tattoos on his whole body and face

Baek Seongjun

 (백성준, Baeg Seong-jun) is a main antagonist of How to Fight/Viral Hit. He is a widely known cooking NewTuber who had starred in many television shows and made Japanese cuisine immensely popular in South Korea with his restaraunt Omakase June

Bomi Choi

is a supporting character, Bomi has long brown hair, round brown eyes, a tiny waist and a large chest. The story makes it a point to remind that she is conventionally attractive.


is a major character . He is Gaeul’s father and the maker of the videos Hobin references for his channel. He also makes appearance on the webtoon called Manager Kim.

Hansu Seong

 (성한수, Seong Hansoo) is a minor character ,Hansu Seong is around the average height of a Korean man; however, his strength and agility are exceptional, thanks to his physical fitness. He has brown hair and brown eyes along with smooth eyebrows. His most identifiable feature apart from his taekwondo uniform are his semi-rimmed eyeglasses.

Main genre of series How to fight manhwa

Action Action-oriented manhwa often feature intense fight scenes, thrilling adventures, and high-stakes conflicts. They typically focus on action-packed storytelling, martial arts, superpowers, or battles

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Author of How to fight manhwa:

Taejun Pak

a visionary in action manhwa manga. With a deep understanding of martial arts, military strategy, and diverse cultures, he crafts unique worlds with visually stunning characters. Known for his exceptional drawing skills and innovative storytelling, Kim Joon-ho delivers immersive narratives that seamlessly blend action and character development

Kim Junghyun

a rising star in the realm of action manhwa manga. With a flair for dynamic storytelling and a keen eye for striking visuals, Mia brings a fresh perspective to the genre. Her characters burst with life through expressive art, each design carefully crafted to resonate with readers.

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Is ” HOW TO FIGHT manhwa” more focused on action genres ?

Yes , focused on action genres , which is one of top genre on Manhuazonghe

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How many chapters are there in How to fight manhwa series ?

Up to now there are 218 chapters has been release on manhuazonge

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