Top 2 Best Crime manhua of all time

What is manhua?

Manhua is Chinese comics. Manhua is usually read from left to right and features sharp, vivid artwork with vibrant colors. Popular genres of Manhua include romance, history, martial arts, fantasy, and horror. Manhua has also been adapted into animated films and video games.

What is Crime manhua?

Crime manhua is a genre of Chinese comics that revolves around criminal activities, investigations, and the world of crime. It delves into the dark and gritty aspects of society, often featuring stories of detectives, law enforcement agencies, and individuals involved in illegal activities.

Top 2 Best Crime manhua of all time?

1. Who is the Prey

Description:  A beautiful and successful lady tries to reclaim her life after she gets caught in a twisted game of revenge by a wicked and cruel man. Genre(s): 
Comedy, Comedy, Crime, Crime, Drama, Drama, Fantasy, Fantasy, Josei, Josei, Manhua, Manhua, Psychological,

2. Breaking Through the Clouds 2: Swallow the Sea

Description:  Wu Yu, a newcomer to the Public Security Bureau, is gentle and frail. He doesn’t care about the difficulties posed by Bu ZhongHua, his strict boss, and only wants to stay in the background and be paid on time with enough to sustain himself. However, no one knows that he is being targeted by top drug traffickers for a large bounty, or that this courageous young man had previously slaughtered the dragon of the abyss. With a chain of interlocking cases, a series of troubles come one after another. Can these two work together to survive the difficulties? Genre(s): 
Action, Action, Crime, Crime, Drama, Drama, Manhua, Manhua, Mystery, Mystery, Psychological, Psychological,

Where to read Crime manhua for free?

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