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Character Development in Viral hit chapter

Viral hit chapter 218 in series Viral hits ,a, also known by another name : How to fight is now on manhuazonghe

Summary of Viral hits

Manhwa Viral hit  is written and illustrated by Tae-hoon Lee, and was first released in 2016. One day, Hobin accidentally met Yang Jae Sin. Jae Sin taught Hobin Viral hit , and from then on, Hobin began to participate in the world of martial arts.

Manhwa Viral hit  is highly appreciated for its engaging plot, detailed characters, and eye-catching action scenes. The  manhwa has received many prestigious awards, including the 11th International Manhwa Award (2018) and the 12th International Manhwa Award (2019).

Character Development on Viral hit Chapter


Overview character of  Viral hit Chapter /How to fight manhwa series

The characters in the Manhwa are built in detail and depth. They have their own stories, and they all have their own goals and dreams. This is what makes Manhwa attractive and appealing to readers.

Battle scenes are described in detail and realistically, making readers feel like they are participating in real battles.Overall, How to Fight Manhwa is a pretty good and attractive martial arts Manhwa. The Manhwa is suitable for those who love the martial arts genre, and those who want to find a Manhwa with an engaging plot and detailed characters.

Main character of Viral hit Chapter

Yoo Hobin

(유호빈, Yu Ho-bin) is the main protagonist.Hobin was smaller for the average Korean male at a height of 167cm (5’6″) and weighing 49kg, but after his training with Samdak, he gains a significant amount of muscle and grows significantly to 173cm (5’8).

Taehoon Seong

 (성태훈, Seong Taehoon) is a main supporting character  Taehoon has short, light brown hair cut into a mullet with bangs. He is very tall, with extremely long legs. His fashion style is normally a base of a white t-shirt and black pants, but he often wears a green bomber jacket on top with a skull on the back

What makes the characters in “HOW TO FIGHT manhwa” stand out from other manhwa series?

From the author of Lookism here comes “Viral Hit”, a realistic action story about highschoolers doing newtube. He starts working out at home and fights bullies on livestreams, getting stronger by every fight. It doesn’t just focus on action, it has nice comical relief/slice of life chapters making the webtoon enjoyable.

When the newest chapter will released ?

30/2/2024 Manhuazonghe will release the newest chapter 219 infomation

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