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Reason to read Lost in the Cloud Manga

Some reason that you should read Lost in the Cloud Manga

Because Lost in the Cloud Manga have :

Engaging Storyline:

Lost in the Cloud  features an engaging and intriguing storyline that keeps readers hooked. The narrative often combines elements of romance, mystery, and emotional depth.

Male-Male Romance

If you enjoy the male-male romance genre, this manga provides a unique and heartfelt exploration of relationships, adding depth and diversity to the storytelling.

Beautiful Artwork:

The manga is known for its visually stunning artwork. Each panel is meticulously crafted, bringing the characters and the world they inhabit to life. The aesthetic appeal enhances the overall reading experience.

Character Development

Follow the journey of well-developed characters like Yeon Skylar and  Beak Cirrus. Witness their growth, challenges, and the evolution of their relationships, adding a layer of complexity to the plot.

Main Character in Lost in the Cloud manga

  • Yeon Skylar

The main character of Lost in the Cloud, along with Baek Cirrus. Originally, he lived in Pohang with his mother and sister. However, during his last year in middle school, he faced abhorrent bullying led by his former best friend and crush Choi Minwoo. After learning about it, his family moved once he graduated

  • Baek Cirrus

He finds out about Skylar’s secret hobby of taking photos of his friend Chan-il. While at first, he was going to tell Chan-il about the behavior, he thought he could find amusement in harassing Skylar, so he chose to do the latter. For the entirety of season one, Cirrus harasses Skylar, revealing his more sociopathic side, which he hides in public


  • More information about other character of Lost in the cloud manga

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In addition Lost in the cloud manga daily updates on manhuazonghe:

For those who prefer staying up-to-date with the latest chapters, “Lost in the Cloud” Manga is often available on platforms that provide timely updates, allowing readers to follow the story as it unfolds.


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What is the current status of series’s storyline?
Read the series on manhuazonghe to know more details below is a script of the story:
However, no matter how much he tried to push Chan-il away, the young man kept getting closer to him, and Skylar didn’t hate him. At some point, he developed romantic feelings for Chan-il and started taking pictures of him due to a conversation between him and his sister.


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