Top 2 Best Isekai manhua of all time

What is manhua?

Manhua is Chinese comics. Manhua is usually read from left to right and features sharp, vivid artwork with vibrant colors. Popular genres of Manhua include romance, history, martial arts, fantasy, and horror. Manhua has also been adapted into animated films and video games.

What is Isekai manhua?

Isekai manhua is a popular genre of Chinese comics that revolves around the concept of characters being transported or reincarnated into a different world or dimension. The term "isekai" translates to "another world" in Japanese, and it refers to the genre's focus on protagonists finding themselves in fantastical or parallel worlds that differ from their own.

Top 2 Best Isekai manhua of all time?

1. It Starts With A Mountain

Description:  It starts with a mountain. A strategic leader gets isekai-ed into a war dynasty. He only has a group of members who were planning to ditch him. Facing this war era, he thinks of stealing food and girls to live a king’s life. He is hot-blooded, picks fights with war heroes. How will he bring chaos to the war? Will he be able to rise up high? Genre(s): 
Action, Action, Adventure, Adventure, Comedy, Comedy, Drama, Drama, Historical, Historical, Isekai, Isekai, Manhua

2. Cultivating the supreme dantian

Description:  He gets transferred to a new world in the body of waste son of a god, he gets a system that gives him tasks and rewards… Genre(s):  Action, Action, Adventure, Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy, Isekai, Isekai, Manhua, Manhua, Martial Arts, Martial Arts,

Where to read Isekai manhua for free?

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