Top 2 Best Thriller manhua of all time

What is manhua?

Manhua is Chinese comics. Manhua is usually read from left to right and features sharp, vivid artwork with vibrant colors. Popular genres of Manhua include romance, history, martial arts, fantasy, and horror. Manhua has also been adapted into animated films and video games.

What is Thriller manhua?

Thriller manhua is a genre of Chinese comics that focuses on suspenseful and gripping stories filled with mystery, intrigue, and psychological tension. These manhua captivate readers with their thrilling narratives, unexpected plot twists, and intense atmosphere.

Top 2 Best Thriller manhua of all time?

1. I’m More Dangerous Than You

Description:  When Jiang Wanshu met Ren Pingsheng, what she thought was her light, became the beginning of her nightmare. As a teacher, Ren Pingsheng seems gentle and considerate on the outside, but is secretly an extremely passionate reader of Jiang Wanshu's book. What seemed to be a "coincidental" first encounter was in truth calculated and planned. Behind the peaceful days, the crazy reader has begun her hunt... Genre(s):  Drama  Mature  Mystery  Psychological  Romance  School Life  Tragedy  Yuri

2. I Built a Lifespan Club

Description:  Chen Li works at Mo city, he works there every day with no hope to be seen for the future… until one night. Chen Li obtains a special ability, an ability to buy “Time” and “Lifespan” from people, sell “Time” and “Lifespan” and also let things speed up “Time leap” and slow down “exhaustion time”. So he begins to build a top-class “Lifespan club”! Genre(s): 
Action, Action, Drama, Drama, Fantasy, Fantasy, Mystery, Mystery, Psychological, Psychological, Reincarnation,

Where to read Thriller manhua for free?

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